Dutch East
About Warren Red

A New York-based design firm specializing in interiors and branding for the hospitality industry

Interior Design

The Dutch East team creates tailor-made hospitality, retail and residential spaces with an artistic hand and technical precision. Our team aims to design long-lasting, beautiful and functional spaces by listening carefully to our client’s needs and thoughtfully evaluating the nature of each space. A love for details and materials enriches projects with custom custom furniture, art and lighting made by skilled craftspeople.


The firm has extensive experience and an abundance of contacts and resources, both locally and abroad. Well-established documentation, specification and quality-control systems are in place to ensure efficient and high-quality project delivery.

Unique Qualities

Dutch East Design's multi-disciplinary approach to all projects has developed into a unique set of tools. While not an exhaustive list, the below qualities provide insight into the firm's design process.

Unique Finishes

finishes Whether designing room dividers fabricated using Japanese rope bondage techniques, or cladding the walls of a restaurant with galvanized sheet metal, Warren Red focuses on what is right for a project, not on a project’s constraints. There is a vast materials library at their fingertips, as well as an extensive resource of vendors and fabricators.

Custom Furniture

custom_furniture Custom furniture comes out of fulfilling a need, and Dutch East Design allows the project’s goals and aspirations to lead the way. Dutch East Design may provide a one-off piece to contribute to a unique and elevated experience, or a limited production run of multiple units to meet a very particular need or budget.


efficiency Decades of hands-on experience in bars, restaurants and hotels across the globe are put to good use by the design team — functionality of a venue is considered on the macro level in flow of service and layout, and on the micro level, as work stations are put together to maximize efficiency. This ultimately achieves the best possible product and service, while at the same time not compromising the space’s aesthetics and atmosphere.

Every Project Is Different

everything_different The common thread running through all of Dutch East Design’s projects is quality, but the firm does not have a signature look — each project is approached with fresh eyes to answer each client’s particular set of goals. Such a design team can therefore complete projects as varied as the Yves Durif Salon in The Carlyle and Jeepney, Filipino gastro-pub.

Social Dynamics

social_dynamics Aesthetics and functionality are essential components to every hospitality project, but the very essence of a venue is in how its guests interact. Emotional comfort and social dynamics are highly considered in Dutch East Design’s projects — changes in levels and finishes, seating heights and groupings, sight lines and circulation are thoughtfully employed.x

Unique Art Programs

artwork Dutch East Design seeks always to create art programs that are authentic and meaningful — whether by working with select artists matched to the identity of the property, or by creating the work in-house.


industry_know_how Through their work with The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, and various other leaders in the beverage industry, Dutch East Design brings to each project a highly sophisticated understanding of a bar or restaurant’s potential beverage offering. Dutch East Design can make introductions to key industry professionals to see that a project reaches its full potential.

Custom Lighting

custom-lighting Dutch East Design encapsulates a wealth of experience in the development and fabrication of lights which are included as part of our architecture and interiors services. These can also be provided *ad hoc* to suit our client’s needs. We have years of hands-on shop experience with metal, wood, glass, ceramics and more. Our team includes talented fabricators who have built and operated their own shops from the ground up.